It’s a scam! Pyramid scheme! Online Marketing is for crooks! These are all replies I got from friends and family when I was carrying out my due diligence before starting my online business. I have read and heard people say that “many people have been scammed on the internet”; I suppose this could be true, but I certainly hadn’t and I don’t think many of my family and friends had either. So for a lot of people  สล็อต I feel that their reluctance to join or even support someone in online marketing is due to their fear of the unknown. I know that one of the biggest pieces of advice I was given was that I better “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” So true… first I got uncomfortable making my initial investment, and then I got uncomfortable delving into the unknown – online marketing. The team I work with is one of the most successful groups of people in the online world – amazing results. I have made amazing connections both digitally and in person and I know that that will only continue in the future. I am surrounding myself with positive people, amazing education, and best of all I’m implementing the advice and seeing results.

Is it a scam? NO. Is it a way to drop some cash and turn it into 100x that amount by doing NOTHING… absolutely not.

If you can work hard… you can be successful in online marketing.


“You have an online business? You must be a tech genius”. I’ve heard people say that many times! I know I can speak for almost ALL people plying their trade online when I say… LOLOLOLOL. I was comfortable sending emails and checking out when I started my online journey. The thought of mapping domains, syndicating blog posts, and placing an ad on Facebook would have made me run the other way… but the amazing part of the group that I work with is that EVERYBODY wants you to do well. Everyone wants to help. That does NOT mean that people do things for you, that defeats the purpose of it being YOUR business. People ARE willing to help, answer questions, make step by step guides etc. Creating an online business means that you are going to learn to become more proficient using technology BUT you CAN LEARN. I have heard from many of my friends I have met who were in a similar technological position to me… NOVICE.

If you want to learn, are willing to check your EGO at the door, and participate and contribute to a community of like-minded people… you’ll be GOLDEN!

Technological expertise is NOT a prerequisite. Mindset is FAR MORE important!

3. Not enough time

Time is precious… no doubt about it. Everyone wants more but the reality is there is just 24 hours a day for every single one of us.

It would be arrogant of me to say that everyone can find the time if they look for it but… everyone can find the time if they look for it!! Let me explain!

When I first started this venture I was maxed out… had no time in my day. I mean, I had a demanding full time job, a couple small side businesses, and a family with 2 young children. When I expressed this sentiment to my mentor he made a suggestion which I will pass on to you:

Step 1: Map out your typical day… include everything that you do. Wake up time, shower, breakfast, work, travel time, breaks, lunches, supper, time with kids, evening activities, etc. Sounds exhaustive but it actually doesn’t take too long.

Step 2. Highlight every time slot that could potentially be used to work on your new online business.

Step 3 – Add any time slots that could be added to the list that isn’t there. i.e. wake up 45 mins earlier. Stay up 1 hour later, etc.

Step 4 – Stand back and marvel at how much time could actually be used to work on your new business.

The time is there – the question is – are you willing to use it??

4. People wouldn’t want to listen to me. I’m just a normal guy/gal.

EXACTLY – YOU ARE ORDINARY… and you’re working towards something EXTRAORDINARY. What I’ve learned along the way is that no matter who you are – there are people who are willing to listen to you. You see, we all have a story. Not all of us have an EPIC rags to riches story, but we all have a compelling story with ups and downs that WILL appeal to a certain audience. Whether you’re a lifetime online marketer, a nurse, teacher, athlete, or anything else, there is a group of people that will want to listen to you.

You do need to learn to tell your story in a manner that people can identify with but if you can follow directions – anyone can do it.

People will listen to you IF you learn how to talk to them!


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