Everyone is familiar with the hunter that gets out once in a while and occasionally brings home what they are actually hunting for. Just because someone has a successful hunt every now and then does not qualify them as a successful hunter. Over my years of hunting, I have gotten to spend time with guys that are truly the definition of successful hunters because they consistently bring home trophy animals year after year. What set them apart from most hunters are some things they do every year in preparation for their hunts. As there are many things they do, I have chosen what can be considered the top 7 that seems to be the keys to their success.

1. Secure a hunting area – This may sound easy but with much of the public land being trampled by many other hunters, successful hunters look for areas that have less pressure. Private ranches and farm can provide this, but securing permission to hunt may require some work. Be ready to assist the farmer with haying or fixing fences or other things that can be done to help.

2. Scout your area – Study your hunting area before hunting season ever start to get an idea of what animals are actually on the property. Make use of trail cameras, topographical maps and anything thing else that will assist you in learning the lay of the land to form a hunting plan.

3. Get to know your weapon – Whether it be a rifle, a https://reelammunition.com/product/338-lapua-magnum-270gr-500-rounds/ bow, muzzleloader, or slingshot, practice makes perfect. Sighting in a rifle scope or getting good with a bow is not something that can be done in an afternoon. Repeated practice will help get you accustomed to your weapon so when you get a shot, you are ready.

4. Get in good physical shape – I am not saying you should be ready for an ironman competition, but getting out and hiking some or working on your cardio with a treadmill is always a good way to be ready to hunt.

5. Get good at judging distances – This kind of goes along with scouting your area. Even if you use a rangefinder you should still practice judging distances when scouting so if your quarry is to surprise you and you only have a quick shot you will be better prepared.

6. Get out in the field as much as possible – Most successful hunters live for that success and spend as much time as they can doing it. Getting out once or twice a year is not usually enough time to truly hunt for the trophy animal you are looking for.

7. Learn a variety of hunting methods – Spot and Stalk, still hunting, tree stand hunting, ground blind hunting, etc. All of these are acceptable methods of hunting. Knowing how to do them is not just a matter of getting the equipment. Great resources for learning the nuances involved in these methods can be learned online, or in magazines, or from a TV. Regardless of where you learn them, practicing what you learn is the best way to master them.

There are many other tips that can be put out there to help not only novice hunters but old seasoned hunters as well. Successful hunters do have a lot of patience in being able to do these seven things consistently, but if you can emulate these practices, you too can become a successful hunter.


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