In the United States, Korean dramas are all the rage in the here and now. As a matter of fact, if you look at the statistics, you will come to know that dramas have a great impact on South Korean culture. The United States telecast a lot of TV shows, but if you don’t like them or you are tired of them, we suggest that you give a go to Korean ones. In this article, we are going to talk about 8 special things about these dramas.

1. Lots of Drama

First of all, every Korean drama is full of drama, which is what dramas are all about. Apart from this, the cliffhangers can touch your heartstrings in more ways than one. In other words, they will keep you wanting more. The actors are so good that they make you feel emotional just like in real-life situations.

2. Short Seasons

In the United States, most TV shows have up to 10 seasons. So, you have to keep watching for years to hit the climax. This can be quite difficult for viewers who can’t wait for 10 years to watch the whole drama.

The good thing about K-dramas is that they have 20 episodes at most. Apart from this, the episodes are not dragging in any way. Each episode will keep you hooked till the end.

3. Great Soundtracks

While watching your favorite Korean drama, the soundtrack will evoke your emotions. Apart from this, the beats and melodies are quite enticing and give you all the motivation you need to express your emotions. You will feel like dancing when the soundtracks are on.

4. Memorable Moments

In K-dramas, there are many scenes that have fun moments. If you love memes, you will just love making memes based on these memorable moments.

5. Culture and Language

K-dramas will expose to the social norms, culture and history of South Korea  Dramacool  and you will learn about it without making any special effort. When you watch these TV series, you can learn a lot of simple phrases of the language. This will introduce you to the everyday language of the country.

6. Fashion Inspiration

If you are into Korean fashion, you will love watching these TV shows. You will get tons of inspiration from each drama. They will see people wearing routine outfits and doing their routine chores.

7. Great Leading Actors

The leading actors are just awesome. They know how to act well and express their emotions to impress the viewers.


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