It’s official, less is more – even in terms of the content of your wardrobe. If you would like to save money and space but maintain a great look, then we have some suggestions on how to create a fantastic ‘capsule wardrobe’.

Getting started

Before you begin creating your new, more economical wardrobe, ask yourself the following questions:

What would Techwear Style you like your style to say about you?
Which colours suit your hair and skin tone best?
Which styles complement your body-shape best?
What type of clothing makes you feel most comfortable?
Which items in your current wardrobe have you not worn for the last two years?
What proportion of your time do you spend in work attire, casual dress, formal dress or sportswear?

Weeding your wardrobe

Now comes the tricky part. It can be hard to let go of clothing that you feel sure will ‘one day come in handy’, but be realistic. Do you need more than one swimsuit, for example? You may be fond of your ‘eight-pair jeans collection’ but do you find that you only ever wear one or two of them? Ok, that boob tube looked gorgeous five years ago – but does it flatter you now? Questions like these should help you to let go of unnecessary items that are taking up valuable space and could be given to charity to help others. Be firm with yourself and strip your wardrobe back until it contains only items that suit you, that you wear regularly and that are appropriate to your lifestyle. If you are a fitness instructor then it is perfectly reasonable that your wardrobe holds a large amount of fitness gear – but if you bought it last January to inspire you to go to the gym and haven’t had much wear out of it since then it may be time to pass it on.

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