Recently we celebrated the ‘earth hour’ where households and buildings participated by turning off their electricity for an hour. The power savings made by every TV turned off, multiplied by the number of the houses that participated was staggering. But can you imagine the power savings we can have if all households use a LED TV?

It’s a huge number. And huge numbers can have a big effect on anything. And for Mother Earth, it’s a big break from all the carbon and heat emissions of fossil fuel powered companies and households.

It is said that the LED TVs designs can save up to 40% energy compared to that of normal TVs. LEDs are not new, they have been around for several decades now. Your father might tell you about times past when calculator displays had green numbers. Car light manufacturers noticed the energy savings from using LEDs and developed ifunny delete account designs for head and side lights that utilized them. There are also new flashlights made of multiple LEDs clustered together.

Of course, you’ll see LED lights on many appliances, the small green, blue and orange dots of light on the power button, and even on your mobile charger. They are everywhere nowadays, and now LCD screen manufacturers have incorporated the technology in televisions. LED TV technology is still new and has not yet reached its full potential. This is the reason why LED TVs are still expensive compared to standard LCDs. Companies are constantly thinking of ways to incorporate LEDs in any type of display, and to develop designs that are more energy efficient than ever before. And like all new technologies, the price will become even more affordable eventually.

So for the future home, we are sure to find new breeds of LED technology, like replacing our old CFL bulbs with LED lights. Further than that replace our old TV with an LED TV. Imagine the power savings a whole country can make when all are using energy efficient LED technologies. It’s a whole new way to light up the world.


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