Nowadays it is foolishness to just visit posting of the website on the internet. On the contrary, the success of the website depends on the web design and the development never stops. The situation becomes very critical when the business wants the website to perform as a business representative in the virtual world of the internet and generate revenue. Some of the factors that influence the success of the website and its efficiency at generating revenue are as follows.


The customer should never think that the website is either duplicated or just designed to get rid of the product already manufactured by the manufacturer. The website needs to be unique and marketing focused. This is only possible when the web dark web sites design is customized and designed after considering the buyer behavior. When the website is unique, the customer is going to remember it much more time. If the design of the website is common then the visitor is hardly going to take any interest in remembering it.


Navigation refers to the magnitude of ease with which a visitor finds what he/she wants upon clicking over the internet. If the layout of the website is smudged it is never going to be straightforward for the customer to find what he/she is seeking. It is because of this that the visitor may think that the business is not selling a service or product when in fact these products on offer by the business. The customer should reach the web page with the desired information with the minimal number of clicks. Navigation ease is taken positively for indexing the search engine list.


The website should be user-friendly because at the end of the day, it is the buyer who runs the business. The visual content has been turned out to be more effective at convincing than the text content. This does not mean that the website should be totally loaded with visual content. Visual content includes images, animated graphics and videos. If appropriate technology is not used the embedding of images can drastically reduce the speed of packing and this could be detrimental for the business. You need to carefully pick the images that have to be embedded about the website.

Search engine friendly:

It is not just enough for the website to be attractive and user-friendly. It takes to feature on top of the search engine list to obtain optimum traffic. The strategies of search engine optimization have to be applied to make the website search engine friendly in add the embedding of newly arriving links, outgoing links, use of phrase and key phrase phrases.

The font of the text used in the web design should be clear and big enough to be read easily. The backdrop should be light and the text in dark color. The purchaser needs to be assured that the username and password used in the financial tool for paying the bill is going to remain highly top secret.

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