It would be amazing to have a beautiful garden with ladybird pest control. This would make everything much easier. However, we need to be vigilant about these tiny creatures. They can cause serious damage to our gardens.

These are just three easy steps you can take to get rid of these “bad bugs” in your garden.

Tip 1 – Keep it Clean

Garden cleanliness can help keep away ‘bad bugs’. The breeding of harmful insects can be attracted to areas that have a lot of waste. While compost made well can aid the garden in growth, unkempt areas are often a breeding ground for the wrong kinds of insects.

Tip 2: Use Beneficial Critters and Benibugs to Reduce Bad Bugs In Your Garden

  • Birds – Many birds, including sparrows and meadow larks, robins, sparrows and chickadees, eat insects. Nature also helps us in a natural way.
  • Frogs: Toads and frogs love bad bugs and are very good at eating them. These adorable little creatures can eat a lot of “bad bugs” in one meal.
  • Bad bugs are eaten by good bugs. Ladybird-Ladybug beetles are beautiful, metallic-sheen green ground beetles. They also include other Carabidae Family beetles like the Minute Pirate Bug and many other “Good-Bug” species.

Tip 3: Invite these birds, frogs, and good bugs to your garden:

  • Birds love a good birdhouse, a birdbath filled with water, a hanging feeder full of birdseed and even some bird seed scattered about in the spring to invite these pest-eating birds to spend some time in your garden.
  • Frogs love to be in quiet, dark and shaded places during the summer heat. You can buy simple toad houses at hardware or plant stores. Or, you can simply place a large stone or several stones under a shade tree with some damp leaves or ivy. These little guys will then be ready to go out at night and devour all your bugs.
  • Planting “insectary” plants like calendula, coriander or coriander can invite good bugs.

These can be planted next to or between your garden plants. Online and in local hardware stores, you can also buy praying mantis larvae.

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