What is Biometrics?

The word Biometrics is used today to refer a technology that is used control biometrico for identification of individuals through their physiological or behavioural characteristic by using our body genealogy that makes us who we are for e.g. hand and finger geometry, fingerprint, retina or iris scanning, voice analysis, vein geometry and facial recognition to name a few.

Why turn to Biometrics System Technology?

We have been using our physical and behavioural characteristic as a form of identification since time itself, and through the years to identify ourselves, but this has always be done in much limited fashion. Lets take an example over the years identification and entry access methods such as keys, signature, username and password have all been pivotal in personal identification but not without its draw backs, how many of us have experience the problems that comes with misplaced keys, swipe cards or forgotten passwords? Or in many cases have lock ourselves out of our own home, car or office or in extreme emergency case for example fire, needed to get out but found it difficult to find that key to unlock that door from within, only to take drastic measures to get in or out at that extra cost to repair that broken window or door as the case may be.

Then there is the dreaded situation of identification fraud (identity theft) when someone finds or gets your details and uses it as though they were you. In the case of Biometrics you do not use a key or have to try and remember a password from the many we already have stored in a diary or on our computer. Biometric Systems uses who you are to identify yourself, because your personal traits are extremely difficult to lose or forget by having a few drinks or dealing with a stressful or personal security situation where entry into you home or business is needed quickly.

Biometric Security Technology is now becoming part of our everyday life as Governments and Business seeks to adapt Biometric Technology to make us safer from treats of terrorism and identity fraud, thus Biometric technology is filtering down to you the consumers in the form of Biometric door lock, Finger Reader in the form of fingerprint door locks, Biometric Time Attendance, Biometric car security system you think of it, Biometric Systems are is being introduced as people considered Biometric to be far more safer than pin numbers, swipe cards or even password.

How Biometric Works?

Although the developments of Biometric systems are complicated, how the system actually works is quite simple, because the same procedures work on all Biometric devices. These steps can be categorised into 6 uniform steps. Enrollment, Storage and Comparison then a further 3 steps Sensor, Computer and Software. Enrollment is the process of inputting into the Biometric system your physical or behavioural traits such as your finger, hand or iris as the case may be into the system where it is scanned and stored as a code or graph for the later use when access is required again. Whenever you place your finger, hand or iris onto or in front of the scanning interface as the case may be, it compares the enrollment information or stored sample to the new information when a rescan takes place, if it matches then access is granted if not access is denied all of this being done in the sensor computer and software stage within the Biometric system.

Today Biometric fingerprint doors lock are being installed in homes due it its easy installation similar to a normal door lock also as a measure of added security and better convenience because it eliminates the need for keys, and makes access to homes or business stress free. The overall benefits are enormous, now family members each do not have to cut their own keys, they can simply scan their details in the Biometric door lock or devices and access is granted. Also it eradicates the worries about the kids losing their keys while at school or accidentally shutting themselves outside and at the same time access into you home late at night is quick easy and less time consuming without the need of fiddling about for your keys in your pocket of handbag.

The Biometric Security Systems is indeed a modern technology to embrace in an ever changing world where we are all given the task of protecting ourselves, homes and business as a first point of entry, and as I continue to explore the world of Biometric Security step by step at different stages of development rest assured that this technology will become part of our every day life whether we like it or not.


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