Once upon a time, buying a Christmas aftershave gift was easy. We had all heard of the big names – Brut, Old Spice, Denim and Hi Karate which were relentlessly advertised on TV, portraying butch men.

Now, however, there are almost as many men’s fragrance brands as there are perfume brands. Sales of men’s grooming products have tripled in the last ten years and the industry was last year valued at around $300 million. Scent is no longer something which, traditionally, a wife or mother bought for a man at Christmas and on birthdays, but is now seen by men as an absolutely vital part of their everyday grooming routine and so they often buy the products themselves.

With all of that aside, few men are disappointed versace shower gel by an aftershave gift at Christmas on the big day!

A creature of habit, men often like to stick to one brand of fragrance. Christmas however, is an ideal opportunity to encourage him to branch out, by buying him something a little different, yet with a similar scent.

Men who travel around a great deal, either on holiday or as part of work, love to receive toiletry sets which incorporate all they need to help them look, smell and feel great whilst they are travelling. Aftershave, shaving balm and shower gel are all useful products to have, particularly if they come contained in a handy travel bag.

There are a wide range of aftershaves available at this time of year, but you would be well advised to shop around to find the best bargains.

It is worth bearing in mind that older men may be a little more set in their ways, so it may be best to buy them a fragrance which they know and which they are comfortable with. If you do decide to offer them a Christmas aftershave gift which they haven’t used before, it may be worth playing it safe and buying one of the more traditional brands such as Paco Rabanne, rather than plumping for the latest celebrity name. The fragrance should be light rather than heady and ideally will be balanced enough for them to wear every day.

Whereas for the older generation, a man who took care of himself, who always smelled great, who exfoliated, moisturised and used anti ageing products used to be considered effeminate, such a man is now the norm in today’s society. Rivalling modern women, he knows the value of looking great, and will use all tools at his disposal to ensure that he is always seen at his best.

Although Christmas aftershave gifts used to be looked upon as somewhat predictable ‘ useful but boring, men are much more enthusiastic about fragrances and tend to be more adventurous in their choice, often changing brands.


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