So you’re an World of Warcraft Alliance player, and you’re sick of spending hours and hours day after day grinding for gold. You spent enough time getting to 80, without having to put up with even more grinding to get your epic flyer or to get dual talent specs on each character. It can take as long to get the gold you need to start playing seriously as it does to get to 80 in the first place! So you’re thinking about buying gold. You shouldn’t go to one of those sites that spam chat all the time; most of them are scams. So where can you buy Alliance gold safely?

One of the most popular sites to buy Alliance gold is IGE. IGE is one of the first sites you’ll find on search engines, and it is linked to on a number of popular World of Warcraft web sites. But is it actually worth buying from?

The first thing most people think of when looking for a good gold selling website is price. But even before that, you should think about safety! There are a huge number of World of Warcraft websites that will steal your credit card information, hack your account, and do any number of horrible things. So this should always be priority one!  먹튀검증

IGE is one hundred percent safe, and this is a huge thumbs up to anyone thinking about buying from them. They are honest and have strong security, so it is definitely safe to buy from them using a credit card. If you are still nervous about buying, of course, you can use a prepaid card or something similar.

So you’re thinking of buying your Alliance gold from IGE now? Well, the second thing to look at, like I mentioned before, is price. IGE tends to run cheaper than its competitors for nearly every World of Warcraft server, both for Alliance gold and Horde gold. So that is a big plus. Yet another reason to buy from IGE.

So you’ve decided this sounds like a good deal, thanks to their low prices and high safety? Well, how safe is their method of transferring the gold? Above average. IGE doesn’t use any of the more complicated tricks to hide gold sales, so your chances of getting caught aren’t completely totally nonexistent, they are certainly better than most sites for buying Alliance gold from.



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