Although the NFL season has just started and it is difficult to make any sort of prediction, there are a few teams that look promising. Yes, it is early, but there are a couple sleeper teams that you should be aware of when making your picks. There are a couple teams that look stronger than ever. For example, the San Francisco 49ers look like the team to beat. On top of that, there are the consistent teams which you know will thrive such as the Ravens, Giants, Texans, and many more.

There are some teams that may quietly climb up the ranks and surprise everyone. One team that seems to have the potential to compete with the best is the San Diego Chargers. I still believe Phillip Rivers is an elite quarterback who can take this team really far. Antonio sports handicapper picks Gates is still a dominant tight end, and the Chargers are a well-coached squad. They can quietly hang with the best in the league, and other than the Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning, the AFC West division seems to be pretty weak.

Another team to keep an eye out for is the Buffalo Bills. They have looked shaky so far, but this squad has some major talent that can take them pretty far. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a quarterback that has showed spurts of greatness, and the addition of Mario Williams on the defense makes them very scary. The combination of 2nd year defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, and Mario Williams make the defensive line a force for opposing teams. They are also a pretty well-balanced offense, so don’t be surprised if the Buffalo Bills shock a few of the dominant teams every now and then and find themselves in the playoffs.

One last team to watch out for is the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton is a star in this league and he will take them very far. Their defense has improved as well and they are looking very well-rounded. This team has a dynamic offense thanks to Newton and they will hang with the best of them. Their defense is very underrated as well, so keep an eye on this squad as a whole.

It is early in the season, so it is difficult to determine who will thrive. But, these teams do hold the tools and talent to get very far. The NFL is always unpredictable so who knows which team will end up on top. But if you’re looking to make some huge sports picks, consider these teams.

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