America was really introduced to Australia during the 1980s with films like The Man From Snowy River, Crocodile Dundee, and Quigley Down Under. Those films showed a great many parallels between Australian and American culture, as well as some of the more interesting differences.

New Zealand is less familiar to Americans. The tremendously popular Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed there, giving Americans a chance to see the spectacular scenery of that country; in its extreme southern regions, it is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest in terms of geology, fauna and climate.

Either of these former gems of the old British Empire is an ideal place for those wishing to study abroad. Australia is similar enough to the States to be comfortably familiar, yet different enough to be exotic, at least culturally. However, the flora and fauna is unique; because of several million years of geologic separation from Asia, many Australian animals and plants are found nowhere else in the world. 升學中心 

New Zealand is also unique, and covers climate and fauna zones from tropical in the north to temperate in the south. It is also home to the indigenous Maori culture, one of the oldest Polynesian civilizations, dating back over 700 years.

Getting started is not difficult for those wishing to study abroad. New Zealand and Australian universities offer many programs and opportunities. It does however involve some advance planning.

First, be aware of any application deadlines for such programs. These vary from one institution and study program to another, but in general, you’ll want to start planning your semester or year abroad at least nine to twelve months before you are scheduled to leave.

Next, you’ll want to make sure your GPA is high enough (most study abroad programs require at least a 2.5) and that the course you take at an overseas university will in fact count toward your degree.

Finally, you’ll need to apply for a passport well in advance – or make sure the one you have does not expire until at least six months after your program ends.



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