If you are tired of your drinking water smelling and tasting like bleach, then you need carbon water filters to remove the offending smell and taste.

Carbon water filters use activated charcoal to remove chlorine and other impurities from your tap water supply. In addition to chemical impurities, carbon filters will remove bacterial contamination from your water.

The popularity of home filtration is growing. There are several reasons that can explain the growth.

Water that has been filtered through a carbon filter tastes just as good as but is much less expensive than bottled water. You can easily spend over a dollar per bottle of bottled water; however, you can filter your own water for pennies per gallon.

Carbon water filters are much more convenient that bottled water. A filter can last from two to six months. As long as you replace the filter as scheduled, you will always have a supply of great tasting water on hand. This can help to prevent unnecessary trips to the store.

There are a variety of carbon water filters that are available. why does my brita water taste like chlorine One of the simplest is the water filtration pitcher. The pitcher holds approximately one gallon of water. It can be kept in a refrigerator to keep your water cold. Prices for the system begin at only twenty-five dollars and filters that last a couple of months each are from three to five dollars.

Another type of carbon filter screws onto the kitchen tap. These filters have a switch that allows you to have either tap water for washing dishes or filtered water for drinking. These units are only slightly more than a pitcher system. Filters cost about the same as for the pitchers and many systems have a meter that indicates time to change the filter.

Many refrigerators that have ice makers, and especially those with ice and water through the door have a carbon filter. Filters need to be changed approximately every six month in the fridge, otherwise, both ice and water begin tasting funny.

Under sink filters are also a convenient way to ensure that drinking water has been purified. While these systems may be more expensive, they do a very good job at filtering water for your family.


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