Unfortunately, in the past two years, the recession has very badly hit some of the larger and better-known building contractor companies whom either have shut down or shrunk their size of their companies to cope better during this difficult time. An option that many seem to have started up with or expanded is selling track dumpers to the public and some with the option to rent for shorter periods of time.

If you know little about small excavators, you will probably still be aware of such manufacturers as Hyundai and John Deere, both of whom are household names and have been for decades past. John Deere for example has been in the business for well over 50 years and still sits as the top name in the heavy-duty machinery manufacturing market. Alongside building the machines themselves, they also manufacture spare parts, accessories and can train drivers in how to operate each of their machine designs successfully.

A lot of money can still be made through selling second hand track dumpers, along with replacement parts. Of course, anybody who already owns such a piece of machinery w v Excavator ill need to maintain it throughout its lifetime so often that new parts will be required. Influxes of companies selling such parts in both new and used condition are popping up and are doing a booming trade. This is all because a lot of people and small companies prefer to pay les to replace parts rather than buy entirely new equipment, especially when their own business might not be flourishing quite as well.

When buying new parts, always ensure that you have conducted a little research on the manufacturer that has built them. The majority of the parts used to join the main arms and house of the trucks are built to last, so buying low quality items will not benefit you or your company. In cases such as this, buying this nature of parts should be seen as an investment and many come with a long or even lifetime warranty.

A good way to put this into perspective is that if you do choose to scrimp and purchase inferior parts and the machinery breaks down or becomes damaged, you may not be able to use it for a few weeks whilst new parts arrive or it is away being fixed by a specialist mechanic. This is what is commonly referred to as false economy, where inferior parts end up costing a lot more with damage bills in the long run. You will also end up spending a lot of your free time thumbing through the phone book to find someone who is able to mend your track dumpers at short notice, which will provide an even higher fee, but you will need to pay this so you can begin taking business once more.

Everybody has heard of John Deere diggers and excavators, whom have been manufacturing their equipment for over 50 years now; they are probably one of the most famous transportation suppliers in the world along with Hyundai who also sell at the very top of the market. Alongside regular diggers, they also build and manufacture excavators in hundreds of shapes, forms, sizes – all for different purposes.

When the recession hit the Western world in 2009, many large building companies were hit and due to the cost of maintaining their equipment that were required to build high-rises, set up shop until the market began to recover. However, whilst this was happening, the hiring market for the smaller end of the market boomed. This was because rather than pay for a company to landscape for you or to build an expansion on your home, some home owners opted to take on the task at hand themselves.

The great thing about hiring an excavator is that the rental company provides all spare parts and all maintenance is their responsibility also, this should get a big thumbs up from most that are thinking about taking this lead themselves. When thumbing through the phone book to find a suitable company to lease the machinery from, remember to ask what their insurance policy is. Some companies will only cover comprehensively if you use an operator who is fully qualified to drive the machinery around. Others, might prefer a larger refundable deposit if you are a novice to the profession.

If you are not feeling the most confident regarding taking charge of the track dumper then you can take one of two options; you could either opt to take lessons and guidance from a professional dumper operative, or you could choose to hire a qualified driver to complete the job for you. This could be costly but prices can be negotiated easily with the recession still on, as business can be hard to come by. By hiring a professional, you will know that all safety requirements are being met and you will be able to continue with other home improvements whilst they assist you outdoors; this freedom is a luxury.

If you are carrying out a prolonged project and thus choose to instead purchase one of the track dumpers mentioned above for yourself, then now is the time to do so. Some of the less fortunate building companies have put their diggers up for sale at auction houses and on specialist online websites. You might be lucky enough to bag a bargain and save yourself hundreds off the original or new prices.

Do not forget to factor in running costs, however. The majority of track dumpers run on diesel and they are not entirely economical. Of course, along with the purchase of the fuel, you will need to ensure that you have the correct storage for the dangerous chemical at home or in a warehouse with license.

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