World of Warcraft gold isn’t always that hard to get; you just need to be careful about how you spend it. Don’t go buying new armor and weapons every single time you increase one level. Sure, early on in the game you’ll want to keep getting better gear to help you level up more quickly, but once you get to around mid-level, you’ll find that your armor and weapons will be good for at least five levels.

Also, be careful not to waste potions and enchantments. Only use them when you absolutely need them, such as fighting in PVP, doing instances, and completing hard quests in World of Warcraft. Don’t waste such items on grinding unless you absolutely need to heal yourself. If you’re an enchanter, you may want to consider selling your dusts and essences until you’re at a higher level. You really don’t need to use them until you start getting epic gear.

Here are some more tips for getting WoW gold:

o Supply the items that are in high demand. These items don’t necessarily have be rare or hard to find, they could be something that other players really need but don’t have the time to spend looking or grinding for them. So, whenever you grind, stack up on all the items you Buy wow gold  can so that you can sell them to other World of Warcraft players who don’t have time for grinding.

o Sell all the rare items you come across. Only keep them for yourself if you ABSOLUTELY need them, and know 100% that you will be using them. Don’t hang on to something just because you think you MIGHT need it. It’s better to go ahead and sell something for gold in World of Warcraft than taking a risk and letting it go to waste.

o Pay close attention to what is selling in the auction house for your level range. For instance, if you’re level 12, look to see what items, weapons, armor, etc. for levels 8-16 are really selling for a lot of silver and/or gold, and try to find those items yourself. You could go ahead and buy some of the underpriced auctions and then immediately relist them for the average price.

o Try driving the market whenever you can. If you see any popular items listed for far below the average price, buy them up right then and there and then relist them for a higher price. Many people don’t realize the importance of looking for such bargains at the auction house, so it’s something you should consider doing when playing WoW.

o Get the biggest bags you can as soon as you can. The more bag slots you have, the more items you can collect and save in one sitting. You won’t have to keep running back to a city every time you turn around just to put items in the bank or list them at the auction house. The time you save from not having to make such trips can be used to collect even more items! Bigger bags is the best investment you can make in World of Warcraft.


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